Google’s Imagen AI converts text to images with great precision

Amidst these developments, Google has been at the forefront, consistently pushing the boundaries of technology to create solutions that are not only innovative but also practical. Their latest breakthrough comes in the form of Imagen AI, an advanced system that converts text to images with great precision.
All Imagen Ai generated images in gif format

Google announced a generator that generates images from your own text called Imagen (John Lennon would be proud). This could be even better than the DALL E2. One thing is certain: AI image generators will live on. After all, who should download Photoshop when you can create any image Google wants?

Just a few weeks ago, to use Internet parlance, the art world was “wowed” by the power of OpenAI’s DALL E2, which can transform written phrases and sentences into stunningly accurate AI-generated images. And now, thanks to a little-known tech company called Google, there appears to be competition.

Google Imagen Ai model
Image: Google

What is Google Imagen Ai?

Google calls Imagen “a text-to-image diffusion model with unprecedented levels of photorealism and deep language understanding.” As with the DALL E 2, the best way to describe this tool is simply to show some images.

The idea behind Imagen AI is simple, yet incredibly powerful – to allow users to generate anything can describe in words. Using deep learning, the system is able to analyze and understand the details of the text and then generate highly accurate images that capture the essence of the described content

Google Imagen AI how works

How Does Imagen AI’s Text-to-Image Conversion Work?

Imagen follows other text-to-image generators such as DALL-E, VQ-GAN+CLIP, and latent diffusion models. When Google was asked to compare images created by Imagen and other text image generation tools, people said that Google’s model outperformed the competition in terms of accuracy and image fidelity. rice field.

Google shares some examples of text prompts and resulting images created by AI (such as “A cute corgi lives in a house made of sushi”) on its Imagen site. may only represent the best results achieved. 

For example, if you enter the phrase “a red apple in a green basket sitting on a wooden table,” the software is able to produce an image that perfectly captures this description

In any case, the text at the bottom of the image is the prompt to enter the program, and the image above is the output. Let me emphasize.

However, Google claims that Imagen consistently produces better images than the DALL-E 2 based on a new benchmark they created for this project called DrawBench.

Image: Google Research

Limitation of Google’s Imagen AI

As impressive as the technology might sound, it is worth noting that Imagen AI is still in its early stages of development and has some limitations. For instance, the generated images lack a certain degree of creativity and may not be as imaginative as those produced by an artist. Also, the system currently works best with simple, straightforward descriptions, and more complex text may produce less accurate images.

How to Use Imagen AI to Create Images?

Google hasn’t lost the power of text-to-image AI, so the company chose not to release Imagen to the public. Imagen searches the web for information to learn and create images. These end up in Imagen as well, because the internet is full of stereotypes and prejudices.

A white paper published by Google states that “generative techniques can be used for malicious purposes such as harassment and dissemination of misinformation, raising serious concerns about social and cultural exclusion and prejudice.” it is written like this.

According to Google, prejudices include a preference for light skin tones and stereotypes about certain genders of Westerners. The company is also concerned that bad actors could use Imagen negatively.

Google has warned other AI makers not to release text-to-image conversion models to the public without paying close attention to the information the AI ​​is being trained on. 

How to Sign Up for Google’s Imagen Ai?

Imagen isn’t available to the public yet, so you’ll need to sign up with Google to try it. Next, let’s look at the requirements and steps for registering with Google Imagen. 

Remember Google Ai test kitchen is available for only limited use as of now, so you have to wait till you get an email for beta test approval.

To Conclude

By converting text to images with great accuracy, Google’s Imagen AI opens up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses and individuals alike. With vast applications across multiple industries, it is only a matter of time before we see its full potential.


What is Google Imagen AI?
How does Imagen AI’s Text-to-Image Conversion work
How can Imagen AI be used to create images?
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