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At, we believe in transforming ideas into innovation. Explore our story, meet our passionate team, and join us on the journey of technological excellence.

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TechTOnions are glad that you want to know them in a better way.

You have watched minions, right? So we are the same in another way. We have Technical abilities and are willing to help you out in any obstacle with a pinch of our friendly nature and for the record, we know more English compared to them.

Hence we call ourselves TechTOnions. We explore the world of programming and electronics to help makers, hobbyists, and engineers to build electronics, add more fields, and programming-based projects.

You will find various tutorials, projects, tips n tricks from simple to advance circuit electronics, programming guides on Arduino, ESP32, STM32, and more open-source hardware.

Our Story


Founded in 2020, has evolved from a visionary idea to a dynamic reality. Our journey began with a passion for pushing technological boundaries and a commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions.

Our Vision


At, we envision a future where technology seamlessly integrates into our lives, enhancing efficiency, accessibility, and transformative innovations.

Who We Are

Who is more than a company; it's a collaborative community of creative minds, tech enthusiasts, and industry experts. Our team is driven by a shared goal - revolutionizing the tech landscape. From software development and embedded solutions to test jigs and 3D printing, our diverse skills ensure comprehensive and innovative solutions.