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An all-in-one resource for computations related to the electronics sector, TechTOnions provides a wide variety of online conversion calculators. Our calculators can quickly and accurately offer results, whether you need to figure out what a 4 band resistor is or calculate battery life.

Because of their intuitive design, our calculators are a valuable and simple-to-use tool for everyone who has to perform electronic calculations. Make sure to save our calculator page as a favourite so you can easily access it in the future whenever you need it.

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Decimal to Binary Conversion

Decimal to Binary to Converter

A important process in computer science and digital electronics is the translation of decimal to binary. The only two digits in the base-2 numeral system known as binary are 0 and 1. Decimal, on the other hand, uses ten digits, ranging from 0 to 9, and is a base-10 numeral system. Computing and circuit design both require the conversion of decimal numbers to binary.

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