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DC Jack power connectors are an essential component of modern electronic devices that rely on a direct current (DC) power supply. If you need to connect external power sources, such as AC adapters or batteries, to electronic devices like laptops, tablets, routers, or other electronics that require a steady DC power supply, then DC power connectors are the way to go.
A PCB header connector is a form of electrical connector which is commonly used in printed circuit board (PCB) application fields. It is also identified as a pin header connector and a male header connector. It is simply a connector that connects to a PCB and male pin contacts. Other names for these include Berg and Berg strip connectors. It is a brand name, those terms are rarely used, as there are many other manufacturers and suppliers who deliver consistent connectors today.
JST is a widely adopted electrical connection standard which is applied in a wide range of electrical applications. It is manufactured by a business with the same name and is referred to as a Japanese Solderless Terminal. The names of JST connectors are confusing; many online suppliers are unaware of the foundations of the standard and commonly mix up the ten separate families. There are twelve subcategories for every family.
We all love to build IoT projects based on ESP32 boards because it has lots of GPIO pins to play. Many ESP32 lovers like me face a problem selecting appropriate GPIO pins or which pins to avoid for their projects.

We have wasted many hours on an ESP32 project due to the selection of the wrong GPIO pin and, we don’t want you all to be making the same mistake.

Therefore we have created this easy-to-use guide, simplifying the ESP32 GPIO selection process. If you use a bar ESP32 module in your project, this guide will be a handy tool for you.
Are you bored with your small 16×2 LCD? As I am. Therefore we have come up with a tutorial for jumbo LCD 16×2.

This LCD display is a perfect choice if your project needs easy readability. In this tutorial, we will learn how to interface this jumbo LCD with Arduino UNO.

You will learn how to hook up this jumbo LCD for your upcoming project. We will be using an I2C interface with the jumbo LCD.
Changing Wi-Fi credentials in code for your ESP32 based IoT project is frustrating, right?

As most of us, either hard code Wi-Fi credential or will use famous Wi-Fi manager.

Apart from this, there is a method known as ESP-Touch, and it works on SmartConfig technology developed by TI.

We will explore SmartConfig technology, and you will be amazed as it is super simple to use and lightweight.

We will be using Arduino IDE for programming ESP32.