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JST Connector: Different Types of connectors

JST is a widely adopted electrical connection standard which is applied in a wide range of electrical applications. It is manufactured by a business with the same name and is referred to as a Japanese Solderless Terminal. The names of JST connectors are confusing; many online suppliers are unaware of the foundations of the standard and commonly mix up the ten separate families. There are twelve subcategories for every family.
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1. About JST company:

In 1957, JST Mfg. Co., Ltd. was incorporated. Since then, JST has maintained its position as one of the top ten connection manufacturing companies worldwide, with annual sales of about $100.0 billion due to its recognition for innovation and excellence.

The JST Group has a worldwide presence of manufacturing plants, R&D hubs, and service locations. This company’s guiding principle is to give you the most reliable, cutting-edge, and cost-effective items possible.

2. Instructions for using JST connectors:

To avoid damaging your connector or using it incorrectly when working with JST connectors, experts advise following these tips:

  1. To prevent overstretching your connector or crimp while attaching components to the board, have a little extra cable on hand. Constant straining on the crimped wires can lead to loose connections.
  2. To help ensure that your connection works perfectly, JST also advises that you have roughly 15 degrees of freedom of movement on each axis from the connector directly out along the cables.
  3. Use copper-stranded wires which has been annealed and tin-plated when crimping connections between JST connectors.
  4. For information on the crimping tool required for that particular family, check the JST Connector crimping.

3. What are the various JST connector types?

You will need the full specification if you’re trying to find a particular replacement part for your project. It is essential to keep in mind that each connector family has different current, voltage, and wire size ratings.

There are numerous types based on crimp style, such as a wire to wire, wire to board, and so on.

JST Wire To Board Connector

  • GH (1.25mm Pitch)
  • ZH (1.5mm Pitch)
  • PAD (2.0mm Pitch)
  • JST PH (2.00mm Pitch)
  • XA (2.5mm Pitch)
  • JST XH (2.5mm Pitch) 
  • JST EH (2.5mm Pitch)
  • BHS (3.5mm Pitch)
  • JST VH (3.96mm Pitch)
  • XL (5.00mm Pitch)

JST Wire To Wire Board Connector

  • ZM (1.5mm Pitch)
  • JWPF (2.0mm Pitch)
  • XM (2.5mm Pitch)
  • SM (2.5mm Pitch)
  • HM (2.5mm Pitch)
  • SYP (2.5mm Pitch)

3.1. JST Connector Types: Wire-To-Board Connection

GH (1.25mm Pitch)

JST GH (Wire to Board) Connector

For the PDP, LCD, or small electrical gadgets, the more convenient mating operation of this small insertion pressure type connector is realized. The performance-proven SHL connector and this connector’s contact portion’s basic structure is changeable.

  • Current rating: 1.0A AC, DC
  • Voltage Rated: 50V AC and DC
  • Temperature range: -25 to +85 degrees Celsius

ZH (1.5mm Pitch)

JST ZH 1.5mm Connector ( Wire to Wire)

The ZH connector is exceedingly thin, measuring only 3.5mm in depth and 5.6mm in mounting height. The housing’s contact retainer lances make insertion simpler, and the contact’s central dimple offer a solid connection with the post.

  • Current rating:1.0A AC, DC
  • Voltage Rated: 50V AC and DC
  • -25 C to +85 C temperature range

PAD (2.0mm Pitch)


High-density installation is possible with the Dual-row architecture thanks to a Secure locking mechanism that allows Reliable contacts as well as an Insertion guiding mechanism.

  • Current rating: 3A AC.
  • Rated voltage: 250V AC, DC
  • -25 C to +85 C temperature range

JST PH (2.00mm Pitch)

JST PH 2.00mm Connector

This connector has a low profile and is slender, measuring 4.5mm in dimension and 8.0mm after installation. It is made to address the requirement for connecting internal wires to electronic boards at high densities.

  • Current rating: 2A AC, DC
  • Voltage rating: 100V AC, DC
  • -25 C to +85 C temperature range

XA (2.5mm Pitch)

XA 2.5mm Connector

They have circular, reflow-treated header plugs with low insertion force. Shrouded radial tape fittings and polarising bosses are also feasible.

  • Locking mechanism
  • Material to prevent solder cracks
  • Insertion force is low.
  • current rating: 3A AC DC
  • Rated voltage: 250V AC/DC

JST XH (2.5mm Pitch) 

Popular JST XH 2.5mm Connector

The XH connector was created with the reliability and flexibility of NH series connectors in mind. With a mounting height of 9.8mm, the connector is very small. 

  • Original folded beam contact 
  • Box-shaped shrouded header 
  • current rating: 3A AC, DC
  • Rated voltage: 250V AC
  • Temperature range: -25 to +85 degrees Celsius

JST EH (2.5mm Pitch)

JST EH  2.5mm Connector

This is the slimmest 2.5mm pitch connector, measuring 8.1mm in height and 3.8mm in width after mounting. It is meant to satisfy the demand for high-density internal wiring to circuit boards.

  • Compact and slim Highly dependable contact
  • Polarizing guides
  • current rating: 3A AC, DC
  • Rated voltage: 250V AC/DC
  • Temperature range: -25 to +85 degrees Celsius

BHS (3.5mm Pitch)


Wire-to-wire plugs are used to connect liquid crystal panel back light lamps to those starters.

  • Compact and applicable to high voltage
  • Adopt wide large for socket contact
  • Current rating: 1.0A AC, DC
  • Voltage rating: 1,400V AC, DC
  • Temperature range: -25˚C to +85˚C

JST VH (3.96mm Pitch)

JST VH 3.96mm Connector

This small, field-proven printed circuit board connector is durable and has a high current carrying capacity. It is compatible with a broad variety of signal, power source, and output circuits found in consumer electronics.

  • Box contact proven Box contact proven
  • Modular connector with a high capacity
  • 10A AC, DC current rating (#16)
  • Rated voltage: 250V AC/DC
  • Temperature range: -25 to +85 degrees Celsius

XL (5.00mm Pitch)

XL 5.00mm Connector

The dependable XL connectors were created by combining the technology of JST’s quality VH & SM connectors.

Electric appliances, vending machines, and computer and software equipment all use XL connectors.

  • Reliable housing construction
  • Easy contact insertion
  • Box-shaped contact
  • Current rating: 10A AC, DC (Refer to the table below.)
  • Voltage rating: 150V AC, DC
  • Insulation resistance: 1,000M Ω min.

3.2. JST Connector Types: Wire-To-Wire Connection

ZM (1.5mm Pitch)

At the housing lances, connections are exposed. It is critical that these components do not come into contact with the metal section of the chassis.

JST ZM 1.5mm
  • Compact design 
  • Housing-to-terminal locks
  • Both crimp style and insulation displacement receptacles can be used
  • A fully shrouded header resists “rocking” during matin

JWPF (2.0mm Pitch)

JWPF Connector

Applicable for waterproof usage. This is the wire-to-wire connector that is more than grade 7 ingress protection of JIS C 0920.

  • Waterproof grade
  • Contained seal ring
  • Double-spring construction
  • Housing-to-terminal locks

SYP (2.5mm Pitch)

The JST SYP Connector is an advanced electrical component designed by JST (Japan Solderless Terminal) that facilitates secure and reliable connections in various applications. The distinctive box-shaped contacts within the JST SYP Connector contribute to its exceptional performance.

New JST SYP Connector
  • Voltage Rating: Designed to handle voltages up to 150V AC and DC
  • Current Rating: Handling capability of 10A AC and DC
  • Insulation Resistance: a minimum insulation resistance of 1,000MΩ.
  • Effortless Contact Insertion

XM (2.5mm Pitch)


The retainer provides added protection against non-insertion or disconnection

  • Inner-housing lock
  • Secondary retainers
  • Housing lance
  • Mountable on a variety of panels

SM (2.5mm Pitch)


The SM series includes wire-to-wire connectors with a 2.5mm pitch that function dependably in high-density, low-current applications. A large number of decorative RGB LED strip lights use SM connections.

  • Maximum 3A AC, DC current rating.
  • Max. DC voltage of 250V AC.
  • -25 C to +85 C temperature range

HM (2.5mm Pitch)


In order to use housing-to-terminal locking, crimp-type, and insulation displace receptacles can both be mounted on many kinds of panels & are both extremely reliable.

  • Maximum current rating using HR connections in the Crimp style: 3A AC.
  • Max. DC voltage of 250V AC.
  • Range in temperature: -25 to +85 C
  • 500M minimum resistance to insulation.


JST connectors come in a range of different types, each with their own unique features and benefits. By understanding the different types of JST connectors available, you can select the best connector for your specific application. In summary, JST connectors are a versatile and reliable choice for electronic devices, and their various types make them adaptable to different applications.

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