Digital Electronics Projects, Tutorials and Guides with Arduino IDE

Digital Electronics is one of the core parts of Electronics. Whenever a part of Electronics deals with digital signals (0’s and 1’s) comes under Digital Electronics. You probably have heard this term digital electronics in your school or college days but to learn electronics in a better way you should know about digital electronics.

It may sound like a lecture to you, but we are here to simplify each portion of digital electronics. So be a part of the journey from start to end or zero to one in Digital Electronics. You will find it easy to understand step by step digital project to clear the fundamentals of digital Electronics.

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AND gate main symbol with blue background as a featured image

Digital Logic 101: Understanding AND Gates and How They Work

Logic AND gate is part of a small yet important digital logic Gate family. We all know the basic AND gate symbols or that Truth Table. But have never explored it in a fun way where you can use such logic gate combinations in your DIY digital circuits.

You will learn everything about AND gate from a truth table to using AND gate in your projects.

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